Joining the Blog World…

Life has been whirlwind crazy with stamping, book reviews, and our many visits to Amish Country.  Hoping to share our crazy adventures up in Lancaster County, handstamped cards, and book reviews by various Amish fiction authors.  I was recently selected as a member of Amy Clipston’s Bakery Bunch and have been serving over a year on Shelley Shepard Gray’s Buggy Bunch.  I’ll post reviews of their books that I read as well as have some giveaways of books and other items I’ve picked up in Amish Country.  I’ll share handstamped card ideas with you and information on my favorite Amish/Mennonite owned stamp stores as well.  I’ll also share recipes from some of my favorite cookbooks.  Probably mostly fattening sweet goodies since that is what I seem to love to bake (well, and eat too!).  So come along for this ride with me.  It will surely be an adventure…


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