A Quick Trip to Amish Country with my Momma!

On Saturday, my mom and I decided to make a quick trip up to Amish Country to just get away.  Crossing the Conowingo Dam bridge, we saw about two dozen bald eagles in the trees.  That was a perfect start to our road trip.

One definite stop was to my favorite Amish bake stand to see if they were opened yet for the season.  I was having some serious whoopie pie withdrawals, and Rachel makes the best.  I was so happy to crest the hill and see their open flag waving in the breeze.  I picked up a couple whoopie pies, an apple pie, and a loaf of blueberry bread.  Mom got some canned pickle chips and raisin sticky buns.  Everything was absolutely delicious as usual.  First time getting an apple pie, and it was superb.  Not too sweet – just right!  We also stopped and got some chocolate milk in glass bottles from Maplehofe Dairy on the way home.


We also went to two Amish owned bulk food/grocery stores.  They are so fun to stroll thru – you never know what you will find in them.  We needed some birdseed for home, so I stocked up on large bags of sunflower seeds and regular birdseed at Creekside Foods.  Our birds are well fed, and I really enjoy seeing the different types on our feeders.  Right now, we are seeing goldfinches, house finches, blue jays, woodpeckers, and sparrows.  Still waiting for our bluebirds to come back this year.  I loved the flowers and fields on the back roads too.

amish-4 amish-1 amish-2

We also visited two Amish owned rubber stamp stores and had more fun chatting with the owners than actually buying.  We didn’t need anything, but I did stock up on a pack of cardstock.  I’m hoping the stamp bug bites me soon to get creative again.  I love visiting with our friends and catching up on their lives since winter has passed.

We saw lots of baby animals out in the fields.  My favorite were the lambs.  This farm had all sorts of sheep.  Look at these cuties!




And no trip up there would be complete without grabbing a bite to eat at Quarryville Family Restaurant.  Mom and I both ordered the stuffed chicken breast dinner and then we each got one to bring home to the guys.  Needless to say, they were both very happy.

It was nice to get away and visit one of my favorite places, and it’s always an adventure when my momma tags along.  Already trying to figure out when I can sneak back up there.



3 thoughts on “A Quick Trip to Amish Country with my Momma!

  1. I’ve decided I want to be your sister and go to these fabulous places with you and your mom – LOL! Have you considered adding a tiny map with pushpins showing the Google map locations of the places you mention? The mention of the blueberry bread has me wishing I wasn’t eating low carb right now. I’ve only been to one “in home” Amish stamp store – very close to Green Dragon and Shady Maple.


  2. Oh and I’ve gotten a glass jar of homemade lemonade from a stand on the Conowingo dam route (on the way to my brother’s in Fleetwood/Allentown). You would have loved the homemade lavender lemonade I had in Maui at the lavender farm last September. Very subtle.


  3. Valerie, I remember when you went to L&L Rubber Stamps and she asked you to take pictures of the kids for her. I’ll look into the Google map addition. Everything at this little bake stand is yummy especially her whoopie pies. It’s located on S. Belmont Road in Gordonville just north of the covered bridge. They also sell homemade lemonade and rootbeer. Next time you are here, maybe we can fit in an Amish Country trip.


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