Tasty Tuesday @ Whoopie Pie Place – Fruit Dip

This week’s post is actually from last week.  Whoopie Pie Pam had a death in the family – she lost a very dear uncle, so please keep her family in your prayers – so we just postponed last week’s post for today.  And that saved me from having to do a new recipe after a busy weekend in Amish Country with my momma.  There will be a blog post about our trip later this week with lots of pictures.

This week’s recipe, Fruit Dip, comes from the Cooking with the Fishers cookbook.  It’s a very easy and yummy recipe to whip up for those fresh strawberries now in season.  And it would be perfect to take to a summer BBQ or picnic.

Check out the recipe here over at Whoopie Pie Place:


Have a great week!  I think next week’s recipe will be with some fresh strawberries.  Lots of Amish had them for sale this past weekend, so I bought four quarts.  Yum!



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