Tasty Tuesday @ Whoopie Pie Place – Corn Bread (07/07/15) & Blueberry Streusel Muffins (07/14/15)

This week’s blog post contains last week’s and this week’s Tasty Tuesday posts.  I forgot to post last week’s to my blog, so I figured I’d combine the two weeks together.

Last Tuesday’s recipe is for corn bread which I made into corn muffins.  A quick breakfast treat!  Check out my post on Whoopie Pie Place here:


This week’s recipe is for some yummy blueberry streusel muffins using some more of the blueberries we picked.  I have two large containers of them in the freezer too, so I will definitely make these again as well as the lemon blueberry bread from a couple weeks ago.

Here is the recipe for these over at Whoopie Pie Place:


I’ve been spending a lot of weekends up in Amish Country and will have a separate blog post with some pictures of our adventures.  You just never know what you’ll see in Lancaster County.  Make sure you check back later to find out what we saw.



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