Tasty Tuesday @ Whoopie Pie Place – Zucchini-Pineapple Bread

One of my absolute favorite things to bake during the summer is zucchini bread.  I’m a happy girl when I see the blossoms start on the zucchini plants in our garden and even happier when they turn into zucchini.  That means yummy bread is just around the corner.

This past weekend, I baked 19 loaves of zucchini bread.  Each loaf (minus the one my zucchini bread monster chomped on) found a home.

zucchini bread

This recipe I found in the Favorite Recipes, Juniata Co. Amish Community, Mifflintown, PA cookbook is very similar to the one I make from my momma’s recipe.  The crushed pineapple makes the bread moist.  Thanks to my friend Cathy for giving me this great cookbook as a birthday present last year.  It’s full of so many yummy things to make.

Here’s the recipe if you have zucchini in your garden or someone has given you some…it seems to be everywhere – lots of Amish produce stands had it for sale over the past month.


Let me know if you make a batch of two…it’s really yummy.

I guess I’ll be baking more of it this coming week, since I have all of this left to shred…


Have a great week!



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