Tasty Tuesday @ Whoopie Pie Place – Bubbles

Homemade bubbles rock!  I have to say this was my most favorite Tasty Tuesday recipe to make.  It was so much fun to “test” the bubble mixture.  And I’m still blowing bubbles around the house like a kid.  I’ve hardly used any of the mixture, so I’ll be blowing bubbles for a long time.  I keep waiting for Lawrence Welk to cue up the orchestra.  I can remember watching this show with my grandmother many years ago in awe of the girls with those fancy gowns and lots of bubbles.

So whether you have children at home or not, whip up a batch of the bubbles and have a good bubble blowing time.  It will make you happy guaranteed.

Here’s the link for the recipe over at Whoopie Pie Place.


Have a great week!



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