Stamping Fun @ The Big Vanilla

I spent most of the day at the gym.  Can you believe it?  The only way that would happen is if the Meade Stampers had a shoe box swap.  Nine of us spent the day at The Big Vanilla in Pasadena stamping, chatting, and eating away.  The tenth person, my momma, was MIA due to staying home with dad, but she sent along her swap for us to enjoy.  And our eleventh person, Rose, wasn’t feeling up to snuff – we missed you Rose and sure hope you feel better soon!

We made nine cards and one tissue holder.  Such a fun day of fellowship!  It’s been a while for me to hang with these ladies, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are pictures of the great cards we made:

Donna’s card
Kathi & Pete
Kathi’s & Pete’s cards
Angie & Cindy G
Angie’s & Cindy G’s cards
Jane’s card
Theresa & Lisa
Theresa’s & Lisa’s cards
Cindy & Momma
My card & Momma’s tissue holder

Kathi made each of us the cutest Halloween treat holder and even sent an extra one home with me for my dad.  He’ll only get it if he does his PT without too much nagging from mom.  Those were Kathi’s orders…thanks Kathi!

Kathi Treat

Then we had a stamp swap.  Each person brought a stamp set or two to swap, we each drew a number, and then went in order to pick out something new to take home.  That was a lot of fun.  My two new to-me items are shown below.

Stamp swap

And Kathi also supplied lots of door prizes.  We all received some great items.  Here is a picture of mine.  A kit I don’t have, so I can’t wait to make it.

Door prize

Thanks to Kathi for hosting such a great swap.  Thanks to everyone for all the creativity in your projects and for the yummy food and great conversation.

Looking forward to the next one…



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