Tasty Tuesday @ Whoopie Pie Place – Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies & Chicken Pot Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you are truly blessed today and give thanks for everything God has given to you.  Enjoy spending time with your family and friends and eating good food.  We are heading over to Mom and Dad’s this afternoon for a delicious meal.  My pumpkin pies are baked and sitting on the kitchen table, and I still have to fix the sweet potato casserole.

Missed posting last week’s Tasty Tuesday of soft chocolate chip cookies, so doubling up on this week’s post.  Consider it a two for one!

I took the cookies into work, and one of our guys who happened to be working in the warehouse that week really enjoyed these cookies.  I’m surprised he didn’t have one heck of a stomach ache with all that he ate.  Needless to say, about four dozen cookies lasted only a few days.

Check out the link here to the Tasty Tuesday post at Whoopie Pie Place…


For this week’s post, I found a recipe for chicken pot pie.  I figured some of us will have leftover turkey from today, and this recipe would be perfect to use that up.  I did use chicken when I fixed it, but turkey would work just as well.  And it is an easy recipe to fix, and it looks delicious when it comes out of the oven.  Tasted great!  Hubby and I enjoyed it for dinner and then had the leftovers for lunch.

Here’s the link for that recipe…


I am really enjoying using this new cookbook,  Weavertown School Kitchen Collections.  It would make a great gift for that cook/baker in your life.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving today!

disney thanksgiving




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