Playing Catch Up Again with Tasty Tuesday

Here I go again playing catch up with Tasty Tuesday blog posts.  Where does the time go each week?  My days seems like a whirlwind.  Probably because I spend most of my day at work in front of a computer, I just don’t want to look at one for too long when I get home.  So here are the last two weeks of posts…

From two weeks ago, here’s the link for the snickerdoodles I made as part of my Christmas cookie baking marathon.  One of my hubby’s favorite cookies to get from an Amish place, Eli’s Countryside Road Stand…just watch out for busloads of not-so-nice tourists or turkeys who don’t like their pictures taken.

Tasty Tuesday ~ Snickerdoodles

And from last week, I did a post on some life lessons found in the back of an Amish cookbook that I thought would be a good start for the new year…

Tasty Tuesday ~ Life Lessons For The New Year

Hopefully I will get this week’s post updated not long after it appears on Whoopie Pie Place.

We are finally getting some snow here in Baltimore, and it is laying on the grass and trees.  So pretty!  Weather guys are calling for a possibly storm this coming weekend as well.  We’ll see how that pans out.





One thought on “Playing Catch Up Again with Tasty Tuesday

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your free give away contest. I love all of the Amish novels and spend all of my free time reading. I have visited Holmes County at Sugar Creek Ohio many times as I enjoy it so much, also our church gifts our pastor & his wife a getaway weekend there every year for our gift to the Pastor for Pastor’s day, we asked them if they would want something different and their response was no way we love going there & look very forward to spending time before Christmas doing our shopping there. Have a wonderful day and keep writing those wonderful awesome Novel’s


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