Blog Candy Winners!

Well, we survived the blizzard of 2016 here in Baltimore.  The largest snow storm we have ever had per the record books.  Last night after shoveling snow for pretty much all day long, I decided to come in for a break and pick the two winners.  Since some people had mentioned they shared the post in their original comment, I couldn’t easily do the random number generator.  I had to do it old school by writing down all the names and picking one out of a bowl.  We had over 250 entries – wow!

So drum roll please…

Prize #1 goes to Kristie Donelson.  Congratulations Kristie!  I will be sending you an e-mail very soon.

Prize Pack #1! A few of my favorite things…

And prize #2 goes to Hannah Kilpatrick.  Congratulations Hannah!  Check your e-mail as well.

Prize Pack #2 – yummy caramels and a great book…I think it would be fun to take a buggy ride in the snow and see God’s beauty all around.

Thanks to everyone who left comments.  I enjoyed reading about your travels or future travels or wishful thinking travels.  I hope you get to visit an Amish community during 2016.

I will do random blog candy drawings throughout the year, so keep checking back.  I will also have book reviews and Tasty Tuesday posts as well.




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