Tasty Tuesday @ Whoopie Pie Place – Quick Easy Supper

Who doesn’t like the two words – quick and easy – when it comes to whipping up dinner?  I know they were two of my favorite words during our Blizzard of 2016 this past weekend.  I wanted something easy to fix, so that when we needed a break from digging out, I could come in and heat it up to give us that extra strength we needed to keep tackling the snow.  With this storm, I have had enough snow to last me until next winter.  Snow just isn’t as fun when you are an adult, I don’t think.

This week’s recipe requires three ingredients – green beans, potatoes, and a meat.  Well, what better way to use a quart of the green beans we canned during the summer, huh?  I better slow down using them though, or we will run out soon.  This year, I think we will can two bushels of beans if time allows.  Are your fingers ready for all that snapping Mom?

Head on over to Whoopie Pie Place to see the recipe…

Tasty Tuesday ~ Quick Easy Supper

Here’s a picture of us getting ready to tackle the 32 inches of snow that Mother Nature “blessed” us with as well as a few pictures of the snow out our front door.  We have had a few “warm” days, so it is slowly melting.

Have a great week!  Stay warm!



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