A Little Bit of Winter in Amish Country

A couple weekends ago, hubby and I spent a couple days in Amish Country.  Everything was so pretty snow covered, so we ventured out to take some pictures.  I have lots of pictures from spring, summer, and fall in Amish Country, but not many in the winter.  It was a gorgeous day to drive around on the backroads.  I thought I’d share some of those pictures with you just in case you don’t have your own Amish Country to visit.  This way, I can bring Lancaster County to you.

This was our highlight of the day.  We sat there for quite a while watching the Amish play ice hockey.  They sure can ice skate!  They even had a sheep cheering section as you can see in one of the above pictures.


And Kathy Milburn, this picture is for you.  Amos misses you!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of winter from Lancaster County, PA.  I hope this is the last of the snow for our area.  I’m ready for spring.  And with spring, that means the Amish will be very busy with that green machine posted above – a manure spreader.  So while hubby inhales that fresh country air, I will be pinching my nose until the odor passes.

Until next time…



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