Tasty Tuesday @ Whoopie Pie Place – Meat Loaf Pie

Happy Tuesday!  This week’s recipe is for meat loaf pie, and delicious is an understatement.  This is so good!  The recipe is a keeper in our household.  It reminded us of shepherd’s pie, and if you add peas, then it’s pretty close and would be perfect to fix for St. Patrick’s Day.  Here is the link to my blog post at Whoopie Pie Place for the recipe…

Tasty Tuesday ~ Meat Loaf Pie

Let me know if you give it a try.  It’s super easy if you use pre-made mashed potatoes that they have in the refrigerated case at the grocery store too.

Also, congratulations to Connie Lynch for winning last week’s spring giveaway.  Please send me your address Connie, so I can get your package in the mail.

Have a great week and Happy St. Patrick’s Day and first day of Spring.  The weather is warming up, and I have more crocuses popping up in the flower beds.  I love seeing that little bit of color.




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