Stamping, Buggies, Cows, and Camels in Amish Country Oh My!

Two weekends ago, Mom and I were fortunate enough to hang out with some of the chickies stamping all day at L&L Stamps & Scrapbooking in Ephrata participating in a shoebox swap.  There were 15 of us there to stamp, chat, eat, and laugh the day away.  I didn’t take any pictures of us stamping – I was too busy stamping, chatting, and laughing I guess and also trying to stay awake since I had only one hour of sleep the night before.  It was a great day seeing everyone and making these awesome cards.  Joan was the hostess with the mostess (thanks Nancy for always giving her a helping hand), and we also helped her celebrate her birthday.  Her hostess gifts to each of us rocked.

She hand beaded a pen for each of us.  Thank you so much Joan.  I love mine!  The gift bag is so pretty and included the pen and notepad, candy, and pack of Kleenex.  And our cute little place setting with our little logo about stamping and shopping until you drop.  With the swap held at L&L, we all do a little (or a lot) of shopping throughout the day.

Here are the cards we made…

Mary Jo on the left, Tracy on the right
Claudia on the left, Sheila on the right
Debbie on the left, Ann on the right
Nancy on the left, Chris on the right

Robin’s Birthday Cube and extra little goodie for each person

Darice on the left, Diane on the right

Joan on the left, Barbara on the right

Joan’s extra project for us – you can put pictures in the middle spots as a little scrapbook

My momma on the left, me on the right

All of the cards we made were great.  Was a very enjoyable day!  Thanks again for hosting the swap Joan.  And to the Ohio chickies, thanks for making that long road trip.  I always enjoy seeing you.

Now to move onto the buggies and cows part of the title of my post…here are various pictures I took along the way on Sunday between the raindrops.

Buggies at two different church services as well as the church wagon

And who knew my mom could speak cow???  She’d moo and they would look up for her and pose.  That one poor cow needs to be milked in the worst way.  That one picture with the field of cows – I loved the various colors.  Guess that is part of the stamper in me.  And what is up with the green thing through its nose???  Ouch!

Just some random shots along the way.  What would you do with that huge box of radishes or onions?  Mom wouldn’t inhale when we went by the field spread with fresh manure.  I just don’t know why she wouldn’t.  Stinky!

Some more random shots along the backroads…

Now onto the camel portion of my title – probably my favorite stop on Mother’s Day.  I love the babies, especially the white one.  Mom, Dad, and I were all excited to see them.  There were a total of 13 camels – the balance were in the field across the street.  They were the larger ones.


That white camel sure can strike a pose!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  I love exploring the backroads up in Lancaster County.  You just never know what you will find.

Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Stamping, Buggies, Cows, and Camels in Amish Country Oh My!

  1. Oh my gosh!! We had a fun weekend, didn’t we! These weekends are always something I look forward too! Good seeing momma too! Wow, my card made it on your blog!, I am honored!


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