Tasty Tuesday @ Whoopie Pie Place – It’s All About The Camels!

Last week’s Tasty Tuesday post was posted on Wednesday by Pam due to the subject matter of camels and Wednesday being hump day.  That was perfect!  Then the week got away from me, and I just didn’t get a chance to update my blog with last week’s post.  So here ya go…it’s all about the camels up in Amish Country this week.  I get questions when I post pictures of the camels on my Facebook page, so I figured I’d explain why the Amish raise camels.

Check out my Tasty Tuesday post over at Whoopie Pie Place to learn more about the camels and why the Amish have them on their farm.  These pictures come from just one farm.  I know of three farms up in Lancaster County that have camels, but those are usually so far off the road that pictures are never the greatest, and the locations are off the beaten path from where we normally travel.  But as you can see, when these camels are near the road, they like to pose.

Tasty Tuesday ~ It’s All About The Camels

Hope this answers some of the questions you may have.  I enjoy seeing them when we are up there.  It’s now a usual backroads drive to see if they are out.  There are a few other stops in the area of these camels, so it’s not out of our way.

Hope you have a safe Memorial Day weekend!  The temperatures are finally to warm up around here.  Now if only the rain would disappear for a nice stretch, that would be perfect.




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