Let’s Read Some Amy Clipston Books This Summer and a Surprise Giveaway

Being a member of Amy Clipston’s Bakery Bunch brings a different challenge each month to help promote Amy’s books.  For July’s challenge, we were asked to come up with four summer “must read” books that we feel need to be read.  To me, this was a hard challenge, because I love all of Amy’s books, and having to pick four was definitely a challenge in itself.  But I came up with a game plan and chose four books that will, in turn, lead you into reading more of her books.

I had the privilege to meet Amy and her mom, Lola, at a book signing and Christmas tea last December.  It was such a joy to spend the afternoon and evening with these two lovely ladies.

amy tea with mom

First off, I think reading “A Gift of Love” by Amy Clipston is a must.  This book delves into her faith, her strength, and her love of family while she and her husband as well as another couple battle kidney disease.  While reading this book, you meet the real Amy.  You become part of her life as well as the lives of the others and feel the pain, the heartache, and then the joy that comes with winning the battle.

the gift of love

The second book which I think is a “must read” for this summer is “A Gift of Grace”, the first book in the Kauffmann Amish Bakery Series.  I love this series, and every time I visit the Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop in Bird-in-Hand, PA, I think of this storyline and Amy.  This bakery is what I picture the Kauffmann Bakery to look like with all the girls behind the counters baking or helping customers.  This is probably my favorite series of Amy’s that I have read.  As part of my game plan, I think once you read this first book in the series, you will want to read books two through five to see what happens at the bakery and with the Kauffmann family.  And all of these books in this series have new covers which are just beautiful, and they are all available now.

a gift of grace

The third “must read” book for you this summer is “A Hopeful Heart”, the first book in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series.  In this book as well as the other three in this series, you will meet Amish women who work in an upscale hotel and learn about their lives  while working and at home, and how their lives intertwine with each other.  See, you can’t just read the first book – you need to know what happens with Hannah, Carolyn, Linda, and Madeline, so you’ll need to read the entire series.

a hopeful heart

And the final “must read” book for this challenge is “The Forgotten Recipe”, the first book in Amy’s Amish Heirloom Series (and Amy’s newest Amish series).  This series ranks up there with the Kauffmann Amish Bakery Series as being one of the best.  I love when books talk about baking and share recipes and such.  So once you read this book and learn about Veronica and Jason, you’ll want to continue reading this series to find out what happens to them as well as their family members and what heirlooms are uncovered.  “The Courting Basket” is the second book in this series which is available now, and “The Cherished Quilt” comes out on November 29, 2016.

forgotten recipe

So there you have it…my four “must read” books this summer by Amy Clipston with a few more ideas tossed in there for some awesome reading.  With all of this heat and humidity, it’s a great time to grab one of Amy’s book, find a cool spot to curl up in, and read.

Enjoy the rest of your summer reading and staying cool.  And hopefully you can find time to visit an Amish community in your area.  I’m looking forward to my next trip to Lancaster County.  It’s fun to see where Amy’s books are for sale.

And if you leave a comment on this blog post, you’ll have a chance to win an Amy surprise pack that I’ve put together.  It will include one of Amy’s books or a book including one of her novellas and a few other little things.  Good luck!



6 thoughts on “Let’s Read Some Amy Clipston Books This Summer and a Surprise Giveaway

  1. They all sound awesome. Amy is a favorite author although I haven’t read as many of her books as I would like. With this heat I am trying to get more reading in, probably another month and more before it starts to ease.


  2. I love everything that Amy writes. I have read all of the books and can”t wait to read the new one. She is one of my favorite authors.


  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I have read some of Amy’s books but not all unfortunately. I love the Kauffmann Bakery series.


  4. I hit enter by accident sorry! I think Amy’s book about her husband would be a good read. So many books, so little time. I would love to visit Lancaster, PA. Maybe someday. Have a great weekend. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.


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