Tasty Tuesday – Amish Benefit

I’m taking a different path this week with Tasty Tuesday. Instead of sharing a recipe with you, I am going to talk a little bit about a recent Amish benefit that my husband and I along with my parents helped our friend with.  The benefit was for my Amish friend’s mother who had some medical bills.  A benefit is usually the way the Amish work together to raise money for someone in their church district that is having any sort of difficulties.  It is a wonderful way that their community comes together to help each other out.  Most benefits revolve around food which this one did.  Usually for the benefits Barbara has there is a chicken barbecue, but with her mom not doing so well, she didn’t want all of the noise and people there so early in the morning setting up the grills and other things.  So this year, she decided to go with ham & cheese sandwiches, baked goods, chicken or beef pies, and drinks.  Here is a picture of the baked goods table…


There were lots of baked goods from the Fisher’s Bake Stand (my absolute favorite), and I am happy to say that the only things that didn’t sell were four loaves of bread out of all that was there. She had 40 single whoopie pies, 30 regular shoofly and chocolate shoofly pies, 30 loaves of bread, 20 loaves of blueberry bread, 16 packs of mini whoopie pies and also zucchini bread that my mom had baked and brought up to donate.  So to have only four loaves of bread left was a blessing.  Barbara was going to freeze that for future use.  We sold all 400 ham & cheese sandwiches thanks to my hubby and Barbara’s brother going around the church district pedaling it for sale as well as 50 Zook’s chicken or beef pies.  All of the money collected minus the expenses went directly to her mom’s medical expenses.  It was a great benefit sale especially with most of the church district helping with a large dairy barn fire that happened early that morning and not able to attend the benefit.

Here are a couple more pictures from the benefit. In the parking area, there were buggies pretty much parked there all day.  And I thought these two little kids were just too cute.




One thing I really enjoyed during this benefit was meeting some of you from Facebook – Amy, Stacy (and your two adorable Amish girls – I wonder if the frog still gribbits or if she wore it out), Loretta, Connie and hubby Dennis, and a few of my stamping girls – Barb, Angie, Jane, and Jill. Thanks for stopping by and supporting the benefit.  It was great to see you and meet a few of you for the first time as well.

Here are two pictures from the large barn fire. These were taken Saturday afternoon.  The fire started about 3:30 a.m. Friday morning, and the Amish and some English worked all day Friday cleaning up the site, getting deliveries of wood and blocks by the truckloads, and by Saturday afternoon, you can see how much work had gotten done.  Some of the hay was still smoldering on the side of the barn.  On Saturday, they had about 200 workers there helping, and someone donated enough pizza to feed all of the workers.  Amazing!  The last I heard, no cows were in the barn at the time of the fire, so that was a blessing.  And an Amish farmer about two miles away had sold his head of dairy cows about two months ago, so they were able to trailer the cows to his farm, so they had a safe place to stay and get milked until their new home was finished.  Another blessing!

Here are a few more pictures while we were out and about in Lancaster County.

I do have a few more pictures to share from our trip up there, but will save them for another time.

Next week, I will go back to sharing a recipe with you. I just thought some of you might find it interesting how the Amish help each other in times of need.  Besides the benefits like this, they sometimes have auctions as well.

Have a great week!


Edited:  I’m sad to report that Barbara’s mom passed away on August 6.  She was a fighter and had fought a hard battle for several months.  Please keep the Smoker family in your thoughts and prayers.





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