A Fun Q&A with Amy Clipston

What’s not to love when an author does a fun question and answer session with you?  I was able to ask Amy Clipston five questions about her writing and her interest in the Amish.  I was fortunate to meet Amy last winter at a signing in Pennsylvania and share dinner with her and her mom later that evening.  She is so easy to talk to – just like talking to a good friend.  It’s also been a joy to be a member of her Bakery Bunch.

The five questions I chose for Amy to answer were questions that I had wondered about – especially her favorite series to write.  I am sure that has to be hard for an author to choose their favorite book/series out of the ones they have written.

  1. What drew you to write Amish fiction?

I was always fascinated with the Amish when I was a child. I remember visiting Lancaster County when I was younger, and my father, who was a German immigrant, told me the Amish speak the same dialect of German as my relatives. I was drawn to their simplicity and faith. Due to my German heritage, I feel a loose connection to the culture. I was inspired by other Amish authors to try to write my own Amish stories.

  1. What Amish communities have you visited? 

I have visited Shipshewana, Indiana; Berlin, Ohio; Sugar Creek, Ohio; and Lancaster County, PA. I enjoyed Indiana and Ohio, but my heart belongs to Lancaster County.

  1. Where do you get all of your Amish facts from? 

I have a very dear Amish friend who answers all of my questions. She lives in Gordonville, PA, and I visit her at least once a year.  I also speak to her on the phone frequently. I leave her a message on her voice mail, and she calls me back, normally within twenty-four hours, depending upon how busy she is. I try to keep my books as accurate to the culture as possible, but I sometimes take a little fictional license for the sake of the story.

  1. What series was your favorite to write?

Oh, that’s definitely my Amish Heirloom series!  I’ve had so much fun with the series, and I’ve fallen in love with the characters. I feel as if I’ve hit a deeper emotional level with these books, and I’m sad to see the series end. I will miss my Fisher family! But don’t worry—There are two more books that will follow The Courtship Basket! And another series will follow soon after this one ends. I’m currently working on book #1 in my new series.

  1. Which book character could you see yourself being friends with?

I’d love to hang out with the Fisher sisters, especially Emily, who is the youngest.  I just adore those Fisher sisters! I’d be happy to spend an afternoon in their kitchen and enjoy a few of Veronica’s raspberry pies while we chatted about life, love, and Amish Country.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my questions and Amy’s answers, and you learned a little more about her.  My favorite series by Amy was always her Kauffman Bakery series, but her Amish Heirloom series is gaining ground on the Kauffman series.  I enjoy reading about the Fisher girls and what they’ll discover next.

And what’s a blog post without a little surprise drawing with a book by Amy Clipston and some Amy swag?  If you’d like to be entered into my surprise drawing, just leave a comment on this blog post with what your favorite Amy Clipston book or series is.  Easy peasy!  Winner will be announced on August 31st.

Amy, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.  Keep writing your wonderful stories about the Amish.  And I hope to see you back in Lancaster County one day.  I know where we’ll have dinner again.  All I’ll say is meatloaf!





4 thoughts on “A Fun Q&A with Amy Clipston

  1. Amy, I enjoyed your answers to the questions. I have only been to Lancaster County PA (1-2 times a year if I can) but would like some day to visit Ohio and Florida Amish communities.

    It is hard to pick just one favorite book of Amy’s, I enjoy all the ones I have read. Two of my favorite series are: A Shipshewana Amish Mystery and Amish Heirloom series.



  2. I like all of amy’s books. I am looking forward to reading The Courtship Basket
    (Amish Heirloom, book 2) and An Amish Harvest !! Have a wonderful week.Thank you for the opportunity to win.


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