Tasty Tuesday – Rice Krispy Chicken

Happy Tuesday morning to you!  This week’s Tasty Tuesday is all about snap, crackle, and pop – Rice Krispy Chicken.  Unfortunately, the chicken doesn’t make any of those noises, but it sure is tasty and moist.

This week’s recipe comes from the Amish Country Cookbook Volume I, favorite recipes gathered by Das Dutchman Essenhaus.  Since I had chicken thawed and a box of rice krispies, I figured I’d give this recipe a try.

rice chix-1 wmk

Rice Krispy Chicken, Sue Mulllet (Bread Baker), page 63

Set oven to 350 degrees.  Line cookie sheet (with sides) with aluminum foil.

1 chicken, cut up

4 c. crushed rice krispies

Melt 2/3 c. oleo and add 1 t. salt and 1/2 t. pepper.

Dry chicken pieces and dip in seasoned oleo, roll in crumbs until well coated.  Place in pan skin side up, do not crowd it.  Bake about 1 hour.  Do not cover or turn pieces while cooking.

When I made this, I used boneless chicken tenders and butter.  I used a foil lined 9×13 pan, since I had a small pack of chicken tenders.  It was really easy to put together and smelled delicious while baking.  Butter makes everything smell good.

It was nice to pull out the china and sit down after church to this filling meal of chicken and vegetables.

rice chix-2wmk

Told hubby we were like the Amish having their big meal at noon.  LOL

This isn’t an expensive meal to fix either.  Grab some chicken on sale, the store brand rice krispies are cheaper than the real thing and taste the same in the recipe like this, add some veggies and maybe rolls or bread…dinner under $10.  And the best part was the leftovers for another meal for hubby’s lunch the next day.  So technically, three meals for under $10.  You can’t beat that.

This recipe came out of an older cookbook that I picked up on Ebay.  You can possibly grab yourself a copy from there or a used copy on Amazon.

rice chix-3wmkI hope you have a great week.  Next week’s recipe might be back to zucchini, since I still have some to use.  We’ll see what I feel like getting into in the kitchen when the time rolls around.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend as well.  I can’t believe the kids are back in school and fall is just around the corner.  This year is just zooming by.



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