Tasty Tuesday – Let’s Drink!

Happy Tuesday morning!  Before I get to this week’s recipes, I wanted to congratulate our winner of the Amish Cooks Across America cookbook.  Congratulations to Carol Alscheff!  Carol, please send me a private message through Facebook with your mailing address, so I can get this book sent to you.

I decided to go with drink recipes this week.  I figured there will be fall and Christmas parties coming up along with the holidays, and what better time to serve a “fancy” type punch.  I haven’t tried any of these – too much drink for just the two of us, but I thought they sounded delicious.  This gives you time, as well, to dig out your punch bowl.

These recipes were taken out of The Busy Mother’s Cookbook.


The first recipe is for a Creamsicle Punch which sounds dreamy.

Creamsicle Punch, Esther, page 7

1/2 gal. vanilla ice cream

1/2 gal. orange sherbet

2 liter 7-Up or Sprite

1/2 gal. milk

orange slices

Mix slightly thawed ice cream and sherbet together.  Add milk to ice cream mixture and stir.  Slowly blend in 7-Up or Sprite.  Float orange slices on top.

The next recipe I picked is for Mystery Punch.

Mystery Punch, Esther, page 8

1 qt. vanilla ice cream

1 qt. apple cider

Mix until smooth.  Simple and refreshing.

This would be great for a fall party or a trunk or treat event at your church with the apple cider.

Grape wine is the next recipe I chose.

Grape Wine, Barbie Ann, page 10

grapes, any kind

1 1/2 qt. sugar

hot water

Fill a gallon jar halfway with grapes.  Dissolve sugar in approximately 1 gal. hot water.  Fill jar with sugar water.  Cover top of jar with cheese cloth to keep bees out.  Set in a sunny room and let ferment for 2 weeks.  Strain off liquid and put in clean jars.  No need to cold pack.

The last recipe is for Raspberry Punch.

Raspberry Punch, page 100

1 pt. milk

1 c. vanilla ice cream

1 pt. raspberry sherbet

1 c. ginger ale

Mix ingredients in a blender until frothy.  Or, in a large bowl, mix softened ice cream and sherbet together.  Slowly add milk.  Add ginger ale.  Yield:  4 cups.

If you happen to try any of these in the coming months, please let me know how they are.

If you’d like a copy of this cookbook, a lot of stores in Lancaster County carry it, since it is from a local family.  If you can’t get a copy of it where you are and would like one, please let me know, and I’d be happy to pick up a copy and mail it to you.  The cost of the cookbook would be about $12 plus postage.

Have a great week!








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