Tasty Tuesday – A Fall Goody Giveaway

Happy Tuesday!  This week’s Tasty Tuesday post is all about fall even though our weather resembles more of an Indian Summer this week – in the mid-80’s today and high 80’s tomorrow.  But the leaves are changing colors on the trees and starting to drop, so to me, it is fall even if the temperature outside is a little warmer than normal.  By the weekend, our high is to be in the 50’s, so yes, fall is here.

Since I have spent a fair amount of recent weekends up in Lancaster County, I thought I’d do a little fall goody giveaway on some items I picked up at a couple of the Amish owned bulk food stores – my favorite places to visit besides the rubber stamp stores.  This is a perfect little bundle for someone who likes to bake…lots of sprinkles, a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter, a pumpkin kitchen towel, and a can of pumpkin from Walnut Creek Cheese (which Mom and I visited back in August while out in Ohio Amish Country).  I grabbed several cans of pumpkin at Centerville Bulk Foods in Lancaster County.  I couldn’t believe how much cheaper the Walnut Creek brand was compared to Libby’s and an off brand, and their can is pretty too.   I stocked up for more pumpkin bread and pumpkin pies this fall.


For a chance to win this goody package, just leave a comment telling me what your favorite pumpkin dish is.  I love a good pumpkin roll from my favorite Amish bake stand in Gordonville, and I love to make pumpkin bread and pies.

I will draw a winner and post their name on next week’s post.  Deadline to enter is Sunday, 10/23, at 6:00 p.m.  Good luck!

Here are a couple pictures I took on my phone while Mom and I were pumpkin shopping one evening.  I always get a bunch of pumpkins and gourds to decorate our front porch, so we stopped at a little Amish owned stand on Harvest Drive.  I liked how they had these displayed and used the slate to show the pricing.


Enjoy your week!  And don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win.



16 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – A Fall Goody Giveaway

  1. I love making pumpkin pudding. My other favorite pumpkin goodies are pumpkin bread & pumpkin whoopie pies from Fishcher’s Bake Stand in Lancaster……..the best in Lancaster


  2. A good friend brought me a small bowl of pumpkin lasagna. I wasn’t sure about the name but it was like the chocolate pudding layer dish and it was wonderful. Glad it was a small bowl because I ate the “whole thing.”


  3. Have just finished baking a pumpkin loaf for you teacher daughter to take with her lunch. If it has pumpkin in it, I like it. Even pumpkin spiced coffee


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