Tasty Tuesday – Christmas Giveaway Time

A day late this week for my Tasty Tuesday post…sorry!  I forgot to snap a picture of my giveaway prize yesterday morning in order to do my blog post, and I figured you’d want to see a picture of the goodies you could possibly win, so I postponed it for a day.

What better way than to ring in the first day of winter with a pot of soup or meatloaf n the oven to warm up the kitchen?  This week’s giveaway includes a couple things I picked up at Intercourse Canning Company located in beautiful Intercourse, PA.  Yes, for those wondering, there is actually a town in PA called that as well as some other towns with unique names.  You can also curl up with “The Simple Joys of Christmas” while your soup is simmering or your meatloaf is baking.

Here’s a picture of the goodies you could win…


Just leave me a comment on what you are really looking forward to this Christmas – whether it is a special person being home for the holidays, a certain food gracing your table, that one gift, etc., for your chance to win this prize pack.  I’ll announce the winner in next week’s Tasty Tuesday post.

I am sure some of you are in panic mode trying to get everything finished up while some of you are sitting back and relaxing, because it is all finished and you are ready.  I finally got all of my cards mailed, packages to the post office and sent on their way, and cookies baked.  I just have to wrap the gifts for our families and prepare Christmas dinner, so not a lot of stress left for me to endure – yay!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  And remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season.



22 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Christmas Giveaway Time

  1. A pot of simmering soup sounds good now as it is foggy and cold outside. Enjoy your holidays and time away from work. Merry Christmas.


  2. Each year I just look forward to the time I spend with my husband and friends we do not see often but seem to reconnect during the holidays. Quite time of each other. I always take a couple extra days to make it our weekend. May your Christmas be blessed with all the miracles of the holiday season.


  3. I am looking forward to some quiet time over Christmas break (I work at an elementary school) and watching Hallmark movies while drinking hot cocoa!


  4. I am looking forward to celebrating this special day with our little grandbaby! It is his first Christmas! It has been years since we had little ones in the family! We are so thankful for the joy that he brings us!


  5. I am looking very forward to the delicious excitement of Christmas Eve. I love the giddy anticipation of Christmas day and all the fun, love, and laughter that overflows throughout the Holiday season.

    Thank you very much for the chance to win, and merry Christmas!


  6. I tried this once before lets hope it goes thro’ now. I am looking forward to being with Gina, Kent, Steven & Judy on Christmas day. Rarely are we all together because of G< K & S work schedule. Thanks for tther chasnce to win this. Soup sounds good


  7. I look forward to being with some of my children this Christmas Season. I wish I could see them all, but not possible this year. two of my kids live out of state. and one grand baby. Getting together over a hot meal PLAYING GAMES AND VISITING AND SHARING.


  8. I’m looking forward to time with friends and family. There never seems to be enough of that anymore. Everyones going 100MPH all the time.


  9. I am home this year with my family.. I have stomach cancer and wanted to be home for the Holidays and get my surgery and treatments at home


  10. I’m looking forward to spending time with family and enjoying just being together. Lots of wonderful food and laughter in store for the weekend! Merry Christmas!


  11. I love Christmas Eve. I like to attend late church service and just drive around and look at the lights afterwards while listening to carols on the radio. . There is a peace and quietness on Christmas Eve night that fills my soul. I am also looking forward to another Christmas with my husband. Our family is scattered across the US and we feel blessed to see one of the families during Christmas.


  12. What a wonderful giveaway! Right now soup sounds delicious. After temperatures reading negative thirty four last week and being dumped on by snow! I am really looking forward to being able to relax and enjoy the company of others this Christmas. I have finished lots of baking. Cookies, pies and fudge. Everyone’s little favorite treats too. I am hoping the bad storms predicted pass over us without to much damage this holiday. I pray everyone of you have a safe and Merry Christmas, God Bless you all.


  13. I love this giveaway! what is better than soup simmering on the stove on a cold winter’s night? I am just looking forward to spending time with my family and my best friend. That’s the best present of all.


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