Tasty Tuesday – Elephant Stew

Welcome to this week’s Tasty Tuesday.  Did that title get your attention?  Did you say to yourself “is she crazy?  elephant stew?”?  This is no laughing matter peeps.  This recipe comes straight out of “The Best of Amish & Mennonite Cooking” cookbook that I have used the past couple weeks.


So find your sense of humor and read along…

This past week has been super crazy busy.  Every night and this past weekend we had something going on, so I had very little time to cook or bake.  So that meant no Tasty Tuesday recipe to share with you all this week.  Then I started looking through some of my cookbooks and found this humdinger of a recipe.  It sure made me giggle, and I hope you do as well.  Some might think the Amish don’t have a sense of humor.  Well, they do – at least my Amish friends I know do.  We can laugh at all sorts of things with the best of them.  Especially when my hubby and my Amish friend, Barbara, and her family get started.  It can bring tears to your eyes at some of the comments we laugh about.

So, let’s get back to the recipe of the week – Elephant Stew.  This recipe will feed a very large crowd, so be prepared to invite many people over to partake in this meal.  It includes vegetables, so there is no need to fix side dishes unless you’d like to add some bread or rolls with your meal.

Elephant Stew, Rhoda Nissley, page 168

1 lg. elephant

1 truckload carrots

1 truckload potatoes

1 wheelbarrow onions

100 gal. water or as needed

pinch salt (shovelful)

1 rabbit, optional

Run elephant through car wash to clean.  Cut into bite-sized pieces.  This will take about 5 weeks.  Place in extra large kettle.  Simmer elephant in water until tender.  Wash carrots and potatoes.  Cut into 1″ chunks.  Peel and quarter onions.  This will take about 3 weeks.  Add to elephant pieces.  Add salt.  Cook and serve.  If more people are expected, add the rabbit.  Do this only if needed, because no one likes to find hare in their stew.  Serves 3500 people.

Now at this point, I hope you are laughing.  I thought this was so funny and such a cute recipe. Someone has a great imagination and sense of humor.  I especially giggled at using the car wash, “no one likes to find hare in their stew”, and the lengths of time she included.  And to find it in an Amish cookbook, I think, is even funnier.

Next week, I will fix something for you, but you have to agree, this recipe gave you a chuckle this morning, right?

Have a great week!  Watch out for those elephants and make sure there is no hare in your stew.







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