The Never-Ending Card that Took a Never-Ending Amount of Time!

When I stamp, I like to whip up simple cards, so I have time to make more than one of each to have on hand in my card rack.  Well, needless to say, this never-ending card is not that type of card.  We received a beautiful never-ending card for Christmas from my stamping friend, Joani.  It was one of those cards that I did not want to show my hubby, because I knew what his response would be – we have to make these as our Christmas cards.  I shot that idea down right quick, since I knew just making one would be time consuming.  So we agreed that I would make a couple for special birthdays throughout the year…first being his mother’s 88th birthday last month.

I followed the directions posted on Splitcoaststampers.  (

The base of this card is simple to make – you cut four pieces of cardstock 3″x6″ and then score them all at 1 1/2″ and 4 1/2″.  You do a little bit of flipping and gluing, and there you have it – a finished base to build off of.  The building part is what took forever for me.  Cutting all the different sizes of designer paper to use and matching cardstock colors – it was definitely never ending.  To me, that was the hardest part.  Hubby was pleased with the finished product, and I was too.  It took almost 1 hour and 45 minutes to make just one card.  He was in the other room the entire time I made it, so he realized that this type of card would not work as a Christmas card since I send out over 100 cards each year.

His mother just loved the card, so the time to make it was worth it.  Here is the finished card with all four sides showing.  Each time you “open” the card, a different side is seen.  It is a pretty neat card, but not one that I’d make a ton of and definitely not a good card for a shoebox swap.

Each flip of the card opens it up a different way.  I thought the second flip (top right corner was plain) and had added words to the larger squares, but then those words could be seen on the third flip, and neither one of us liked that.  That is why I left those squares just as the designer paper.  I used Stampin’ Up designer paper and cardstock as well as the stamps and number dies.  The flowers were old punches that I’ve had for many years from a company called Carl, and the fern like punch is from Punch Bunch – another oldie.

Let me know if you make one of these.  Just plan on about two hours from start (choosing paper and stamps and such to use) to finish.



2 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Card that Took a Never-Ending Amount of Time!

  1. I well remember a certain someone claiming to have invented this particular card………now let
    me see……….hmmmm, I bet you know who it is! LOL


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