Tasty Tuesday – Cream Cheese & Chocolate Cupcakes

Welcome to this week’s Tasty Tuesday recipe for Cream Cheese and Chocolate Cupcakes aka Black Bottoms.  My mom loves black bottom cupcakes,  and since I had everything to make them, I decided to have them as part of dessert for Easter.  I found this recipe in the “Seasoned with Love, Old Order Mennonites, Cumberland Valley, PA” cookbook.  I think this is the first time I’ve shared a recipe from this cookbook.  I believe I picked up this book either at Belmont Fabrics or Glenwood Foods in Lancaster County.  Most of the cookbooks I share (unless they are older ones) can be found locally in Lancaster County at various places.  It’s amazing how many places (whether Amish owned little stores or big tourist type stores) carry cookbooks.

If you have the ingredients for these cupcakes on hand, why not whip up a batch to enjoy?


Cream Cheese and Chocolate Cupcakes, Etta Hoover, Seasoned with Love, page 337


1 (8 oz.)) pkg. cream cheese

1/3 c. sugar

1 egg

6 oz. chocolate chips

Blend cream cheese, egg and sugar.  Add chocolate chips.  Set aside.  Make your favorite chocolate cake and fill cupcake papers half-full.  Add 1 teaspoon filling and bake at 350 degrees.

Since I had a deviled food’s cake box mix on hand, I used that for my chocolate cake.  Easy peasy!  I also used Stevia instead of  sugar for the filling.  They were really good, and the filling makes the cupcakes nice and moist.  I think my momma enjoyed this special treat.  I was able to get 24 cupcakes using the cake mix and used all of the filling up – each one got a little more than a teaspoon each.


Here is a picture of hubby’s dessert plate.  He had a little bit of everything.  Dad’s dessert plate looked about the same as this too.  Our men love their desserts.


Don’t you love my momma’s festive Easter egg tablecloth?  Sure adds some pretty color to the table.

I made an orange cake (another box mix I had on hand) for our other dessert and jazzed it up with tinted coconut, peeps, jelly beans, malted eggs, and homemade icing.  That was yummy too.


Hope you have a great week.  I’m loving seeing the azaleas and trees in bloom.  Everything is so pretty.  See you next week with another recipe.



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