Tasty Tuesday – Spring Giveaway

Happy Tasty Tuesday!  It’s been so busy around our house that when I do cook dinner, it’s something easy to toss together (last night was spaghetti – nothing Amish about that) instead of trying something new out of an Amish cookbook.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully next week, life will slow down, and we can enjoy new home cooked meals.  I just got two new Amish cookbooks, so I’m anxious to try recipes out of them.

So, since I haven’t had a chance to try out new recipes, I figured it was time to have a spring giveaway.  Last time Mom and I were up in Amish Country, we stopped by The Quilt Patch, and I picked up some Amish made potholders for blog giveaways and noticed they have Amish made oven mitts now too, so I grabbed one of them.  Isn’t this great fabric?  I picked up this cookbook at Gordonville Book Store too.  We had a fun, but quick, trip covering a lot of countryside.


For your chance to win this week’s giveaway, just leave a comment here on my blog telling me what your go-to meal is on a busy night.  I usually gravitate towards something that can be fixed as a casserole or something that doesn’t take too much time as in our spaghetti last night.

You have until Sunday evening to leave your comments, and I’ll post the winner’s name on next week’s Tasty Tuesday post, so make sure you check back to see if you were the lucky one.

Good luck!



28 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Spring Giveaway

  1. Our go to meal tends to be “breakfast for dinner” . Sometimes pancakes with sausage or eggs, fried potatoes and usually bacon. Quick and enjoyable!


  2. my go to on a busy nite has always been a rigatoni bake….i try to always have frozen already cooked ground beef ready to toss in it…i make a huge pan to last a few days….it always tastes better reheated too!


  3. My go to meal is a a Hamburger Cream of Mushroom casserole 1 # hamburger browned 1 # fusilli noodles boiled & drained Green scallion onions (optional) 1 large can cream of mushroom soup just enough milk to make it creamy mix all ingredient’s together add seasoning put in baking dish 20 -30 mins. Another quick one is Tostito chips warmed 1 # hamburger cooked with garlic powder or Italian seasoning’s pour on top of chips heated cheese poured on top of hamburger finished off with sliced green scallion’s.


  4. I say main one is making sloppy joes! But to them here it is great they like my home made. Chili be next in line. Now if you want real quick it is pizza from Little Ceasers. LOL Hope you have a Bless week.


  5. LOL, Frozen waffles and eggs. My quick and easy go-to meal. I love omelets and scrambled eggs and any kind of eggs so it happens often! Have a great week Cindy and slow down and enjoy it. Hugs.


  6. my go to meal would be mac and cheese . Can be made ahead then slipped into the oven, I serve it with a tossed salad ( made ahead and put into small bowls with lids ) .and stewed tomatoes . a hit at our house…..


  7. My hubby is so easy to please – on a hurry night – bratts, metts, and dogs on the foreman grill or grilled cheese and soup – or the local drive thru window.


  8. If I needed something quick, I fix what I call Hamburg Pasta Marinara….using Marinara Sauce that I buy at James & Jellies in Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.


  9. Our quick go to meal is hamburgers, gravy, and potatoes made in our Acti-fry. We fry up hamburgers, cover them with gravy (btw my gravy consists of a can of beef gravy, can of beefy onion soup, can of mushrooms, and dash of beef bullion powder…yum) and the potatoes cut in fourths takes 30 minutes in the Acti-fry with only 1 tbs oil…so good we had it several times this month… Thank you Cindy for all you do and share with us.


  10. My go to meal is a one pot meal of green beans, potatoes, onions, and ham (in ham broth) with some good crusty bread for dipping!


  11. my son does the cooking and his go to meal is belgian waffles with strawberries and cool whip. just as good as the i hop restaurant.


  12. breakfast food…..eggs and bacon, veggie omelets sausage and pancakes, and some fruit. Sometimes a rostisserie chicken fro the store with some vegetables.


  13. Mac and cheese. Not the box stuff just macaroni, lots of extra sharp cheddar cheese and a little milk.Mix it all up and then bake. Don’t like any that calls for flour in it.


  14. My quick to go to meals are casserole or some sort normally. But I do then to enjoy fried egg sandwiches, soups and big salads. If it a weekend and everything is busy we order as pizza.


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