Tasty Tuesday – Giveaway Winner & Amish Buttered Noodles

Happy Tuesday!  Going to feel a little like summer here the next few days and then get cool again over the weekend.  Mother Nature is on a seesaw it seems like with all the ups and downs we’ve had over the past few weeks.

Last week, I had a spring giveaway for the following prize pack:


I used a random number generator to pick the winner for last week’s giveaway, and it picked #4.  The fourth comment was left by Crystal M.


Crystal, please send me your address, so I can get your goodies mailed out to you.

As like last week, I haven’t spent much time in the kitchen.  Busy with life in general and taking my momma away to Amish Country to celebrate Mother’s Day.  We left at noon on Friday and got home around 6:30 on Sunday night.  I kept her hopping.  We had dinner at Fisher’s Amish Restaurant Friday night.  It was very convenient, because we were staying at the Harvest Drive Family Inn on the same grounds as the restaurant.  There were several tables filled with people enjoying the yummy food.  We both got the buffet.  One of the things I enjoyed eating was the buttered noodles.  That is something I never fix at home and usually eat up in Amish Country.  Years ago, one of my Amish friends had given me a recipe she used to make them, so I wanted to share that recipe with you today.  They are easy to fix and require only noodles and butter.  You just have to make sure you don’t burn the melted butter.  Here’s the recipe if you’d like to give them a try.  They are good to eat by themselves or with some type of meat mixed in with them.

Amish Buttered Noodles, Barbara L. Smoker

8 oz. wide egg noodles

1/4-1/2 cup salted butter

Cook noodles according to package.  Drain well.  Melt butter in small frying pan or saucepan.  Keep stirring until butter starts to foam and brown (keep watching it, so it doesn’t burn).  Place noodles in bowl and pour browned butter over them.  Toss to coat.

Please leave me a comment if you give this recipe a try.  They are a quick side dish to whip up for any meal.

Hope you have a great week.




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