Tasty Tuesday – Strawberry Spread

Another day late Tasty Tuesday posting – sorry about that.  Life has been a wee bit hectic these past couple of weeks.  This week’s recipe again comes from the “Seasonal Garden Cooking and Family Favorites” cookbook.  It’s a super duper easy recipe to whip up and delicious on a toasted bagel.  It’s called Strawberry Spread, and the recipe is found on page 60 if you have a copy of this cookbook.

I completely forgot to take any pictures of this, but I’m sure you can picture what it looks like after seeing what two ingredients you need to make some.

Strawberry Spread, Lillian, “Seasonal Garden Cooking & Family Favorites”, page 60

8 oz. cream cheese (softened)

1/4 c. strawberry jam

Mix until creamy.  Delicious on warm toast, muffins, or bagels.

There you have it – probably the easiest recipe I have ever made and shared with you.  I used a tub of the whipped cream cheese to make the mixing process easier.  I also used some homemade strawberry jam that we were gifted.  As I said above, this was delicious on a toasted plain bagel.  And it tastes so much better than the pre-made kind you can buy in the dairy aisle of the grocery store.

Here’s a picture of the cookbook the recipe came from – same book I’ve used several times on my blog.  One of my favorites!


You can purchase a copy at a lot of the different tourist places in Lancaster County, or you can contact one of the following to purchase a copy:

Amos & Lillian Fisher, 239 Springville Road, Kinzers, PA  17535

Daniel S. Zook, 4210 Red Well Drive, Gordonville, PA  17529  Attn:  Books

Hope you have a great rest of your week!  Next week’s recipe is a great recipe for a picnic – perfect for the 4th of July and other cookouts you might attend.





6 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Strawberry Spread

  1. Thanks for the recipe and cookbook addresses info to order a copy.
    Can you please include it’s cost, including tax & shipping?
    Thank you:)


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