Review of “An Amish Summer” – Part One

amish summer

My read this week has been “An Amish Summer” – a book containing four novellas by Shelley Shepard Gray, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Irvin.  For my review of this book, I’m going to break it into two parts.  For this week’s blog post,  I will be reviewing Amy Clipston’s “Summer Storms” and Kathleen Fuller’s “Lakeside Love“.

Here’s the synopsis of each story taken from the back of “An Amish Summer“:

Summer Storms by Amy Clipston

Ariana is counting down the days until her wedding to Jesse. They have been friends longer than Arianna can remember, and that friendship turned into love over the past couple of years. But when Arianna’s brother Tobias, who happens to be Jesse’s best friend, gets them both into trouble, Arianna’s father puts an end to her engagement to Jesse. Some summer storms pass quickly, but Arianna is afraid the damage from this one may be too much to repair.

Lakeside Love by Kathleen Fuller

Esther has always lived in the shadow of her beautiful younger sister Sarah. Even the boy she has known—and loved—her entire life, Judah, only has eyes for Sarah. But when a handsome young Englischer comes to live with the family for a summer, everything begins to change.

My review of “Summer Storms”:

As in true Amy Clipston fashion, her novella, “Summer Storms” had me feeling all sorts of emotions from joy to sorrow to joy again.  Family drama plays a big part in this novella too which I’m sure we all can relate to in some aspect of our lives.  It’s hard when a father lays down the law and tells their child what they can/cannot do.  And it’s hard for that child to listen and not follow her heart.  As in a storm, the winds pick up, bring hard rains and maybe damage, and then die down again to bring sunshine and possibly a rainbow.  This storm that Arianna, Jesse, and Tobias face does just that – the pain (wind) picks up and then the sunshine comes out in the end.  Love never disappears and does prevail.

My review of “Lakeside Love”:

Ever felt like your sibling was better in the looks or brains department?  Ever feel inferior to them?  Well, that is how Esther has felt her entire life towards her sister Sarah.  Sad situation to live under, huh?  In Kathleen Fuller’s “Lakeside Love”, she portrays those real life feelings of being inferior and hiding how one feels.  This is another look into family drama of some sort.  Drama between two sisters, but in the end, everything works out and love prevails.  It’s a story of never giving up hope.  A story of being who you are – don’t compare yourself to someone else.  God made you “YOU”.  Each person is different and has their personal strengths and weaknesses.  Live your life for you and not hiding in someone’s shadow.

Both novellas are wonderfully written and will hit home in your life somehow.  Everyone of us has dealt with some sort of family drama and/or sibling rivalry.  What I like about both stories are that they are real.  Everything that happens in the lives of these Amish families happens in our English families as well.  No sugar coating to make the characters better.  The emotions they write about you feel chapter by chapter.

Kudos for great writings Amy and Kathleen!

“An Amish Summer” is available now.  Perfect book to read while on your summer vacation.  Grab a copy today.

Enjoy your summer.  Part two of my review will be up later this month.





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