My Review of “Starting from Scratch” by Kate Lloyd

Soups, suitors, shenanigans, and suspense!  Did that grab your attention?


In Kate Lloyd’s “Starting from Scratch”, her second book in her Lancaster Discovery Series, these “s” words will keep you mesmerized and reading until the very last page to find out what Eva decides to do and with which suitor.

A little about the book:

An Old Flame Brings a Spark of New Hope

En Alt Maedel—an old maid.

At age twenty-nine, that’s what Eva Lapp considers herself. And who could argue with her? Finding a good Amish husband at her age will be next to impossible. Plus, Eva’s unwarranted bad reputation in Lancaster County precedes her. Maybe living the Englisch life would be better.

Squeezed out of her childhood home by her brother’s boisterous family, Eva finds lodging and a new job managing a small café at a local plant nursery. But the challenge of her new position isn’t enough to distract from her current predicament.

To Eva’s surprise, her first love, Jake Miller, suddenly returns to Lancaster County. Flooded with emotions and filled with questions about Jake’s past, can Eva trust what she’s feeling?

Jake and Eva face many obstacles in their quest for a fresh start in the community, but perhaps with God’s help, they can find the redemption they both desperately need.

Lancaster, PA is my favorite escape, so when Kate’s series first came out, I knew it would be a must read for me.  This wasn’t your typical Amish romance from the start.  This story had its ups and downs & twists and turns throughout.  It kept my attention so much that I’d read late into the night and pay for it the next morning.  And I loved the title since I love to cook and bake, so that part of the book I really enjoyed too.

If you want a great book to read, make sure you pick up a copy of “Starting from Scratch”.  You won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “My Review of “Starting from Scratch” by Kate Lloyd

  1. Loved this book Starting From Scratch I give it a 5 star if you haven’t read this book you need too It was an awesome book to read My an amazing Author Kate Llyod Thank you for an awesome great book!


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