Review of Amy Clipston’s The Jam and Jelly Nook

These past two weeks, I was able to read a couple books in the evenings which felt great. There were some late nights involved too, because I just didn’t want to put them down – I wanted to know what was going to happen.

One of the books I read was Amy Clipston’s final book in her Amish Marketplace Series, “The Jam and Jelly Nook”. I’ve really enjoyed this entire series.

A little about this novel…

In the final installment of Amy Clipston’s bestselling Amish Marketplace series, a young widow struggling to raise her son dreams of one more chance at love.

Since her husband died seven years ago, Leanna Wengerd has done her best—tending to her son, Chester, and running her Jam and Jelly Nook at the Amish market. Though she enjoys seeing her cousins and customers at the marketplace, she wishes she could find more time for her rebellious teenage boy.

When Chester gets into trouble for trespassing, he winds up at the police station with his friend Maggie, who was riding with him to a youth group gathering. Leanna comes to the police station to fetch Chester and happens to meet Emory, Maggie’s father. Emory is also a widower, raising Maggie alone—and both he and Leanna have similar burdens and problems.

Over time Emory and Leanna become closer friends, discovering how much they have in common. As single parents, they struggle with the limits of what they can provide for their children and feel somewhat responsible for what happened to their respective spouses. The two eventually realize they have feelings for each other—but when they try to date, their children resist. Will God pave a way for them to build a family together, or will hurdles block the path to a second chance at happiness?”

And here’s my review:

What an awesome series Amy Clipston has written – her Amish Marketplace series is one of the best.  In this last book in her series, you will learn more about Leanna and her son Chester as well as her Jam and Jelly Nook business.  You’ll meet new characters as well as read about Leanna’s cousins and their families from the first three books.  You won’t be disappointed in Leanna’s story in the least.  If you haven’t read this series, start with book one, The Bake Shop, and read them in order to feel more connected to Amy’s characters.  And if you have read the other books in this series, then grab a copy of The Jam and Jelly Nook now to find out how this series wraps up.

So there you have my two cents on this novel and series. It would be a great book to read this summer while you are on vacation, relaxing around the pool, or enjoying your own peaceful oasis of your backyard.

Let me know what you think if you have a chance to read this.


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