Just a girl who loves to visit Amish Country, read Amish fiction, collect cookbooks of all sorts, stamp cards/scrapbook, and have fun.  Remember to live your life to its fullest and thank God for all of your blessings he has given you on a daily basis.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Enjoyed accidentally finding your blog! I am from Quarryville, now live in TN, but was in Strasburg at my sisters for the holidays. I enjoyed being back in the Amish Country to visit, missed my trip to Paradise market due to the holidays. I have not lived in the area since the early 70s and act like a tourist whenever I go home. Love reading books by Wanda Brunstetter and others that write about the Amish way alive. Appreciate sharing your recipes.


    1. Quarryville is one of our favorite places. We love eating at the Quarryville Family Restaurant and shopping at the Goods Store. And one of my favorite Amish owned rubber stamp stores is there as well. Glad you were able to visit over the holidays.


      1. Thank you so much for this blog, my wife of 15 years has made every recipe and they were all wonderful good! It’s such a delight to see wholesome places and people, the world needs more of that. Keep up the good work !


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